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National Trust free visits

Get cheap holidays in National Trust holiday cottages, bargains on outdoor gear, free trips to NT properties and cheap door mats

From time to time the National Trust opens up its properties for free visits from non-members. For example, Saturday 20th April and Sunday 21st April, 2013 is an open weekend during which you can visit some 250 National Trust properties. You can find your local National Trust property by visiting their website and using the location search facility.

To get a free trip you will need to visit the National Trust website to download a voucher. Terms and exclusions apply so you will need to check details before visiting your local property.

Exclusive offers from the National trust

The National Trust provides excellent offers and special deals for members and readers of their National Trust Magazine. Here are a few of their offers, but they do change regularly, so visit the National Trust website for more information about latest offers.

Other online offers

Other online offers and deals are available for senior citizens and special offers are available for members of CAMRA.