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Choosing a mobile and home phone

Buy a cheap phone, good phone packages, pay-as-you go contracts, smartphones and choosing the right phone for OAPs

As an older person you may need to think about some of the following when purchasing a mobile and/or a home phone:

There are some companies that specialize in providing mobiles and home phones for older people. You may find it useful to have a look at their product ranges before making your choices.

When buying a mobile you also need to think about the type of contract that you would prefer. For example, do you want to pay your bill on a monthly tariff (a contract that enables you to send a certain amount of texts and make calls within the monthly cost)? Or would you prefer to pay only when you send a text or make a call (pay-as-you go)? This enables you to control how much you spend and frees you from monthly direct debit commitments.

Always shop around for the best deal with both mobile and home phone contracts. Use some of the price comparison websites now available to find the best deals in your area, and try not to tie yourself into a long contract as you can often make savings by swapping your supplier on a regular basis. Websites that may be of use to you include:

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