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Free passports for senior citizens

Free passports as a special concession for the Second World War generation, and to those who have made a substantial contribution to the national war effort

On 19th May 2004, the government announced that British citizens then aged 75 or over would no longer have to pay for their passports, 'in grateful commemoration for their wartime efforts'. This rule applied to everyone who was aged 75 or over, which (in 2004) meant that the scheme was available for people who were born on or before 2nd September 1929.

Although this scheme is still in existence, the same date applies. Therefore, to qualify for this scheme in 2013, you will need to be 84 or over (the government has no plans to reduce this age to 75). If you are over this age you can apply for a free ten-year passport, whether this is a new passport or the renewal of an existing passport. It is also possible to apply for a refund of the standard passport fee if you have applied for a passport since 19th May 2004 and you are eligible for a free passport.

If you wish to apply for a free passport you need to obtain an application form. These can be found online at Alternatively, you can obtain a paper application in the following ways:

You should allow at least three weeks for your passport to be renewed and it is advisable not to book a holiday too close to the renewal date. A faster service is available for urgent applications but you will have to pay a fee, even if you qualify for a free passport. For more information about obtaining a free passport, visit