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Good value broadband for OAPs

Cheap broadband for retired people and OAPs

There used to be a big difference between the prices that internet service providers (ISPs) charged for their services, but these days they are all similar so the choice does not depend on price so much.
If you are just going to use the internet for basic use and are not interested in downloading films, TV or music a basic entry level service will be fine. In fact even though ISPs will offer ‘up to 20 meg’ connections a slower 8meg or even 2meg connection may be fine for your needs.
When you sign up for your broadband always ask if they have a slower or budget service available.

One thing to take into account is that telephone line rental can be cheaper with some providers – if you are happy to swap from your current provider the savings will increase over time.
Many providers also offer cheap deals if you take line rental, broadband and phone calls all together. In some case the phone calls can be free. Sky offer a good value service if you already subscribe to Sky TV. However, you must have BT line rental and this is often only mentioned in the small print, so you need to add this to the price.

Many ISPs lure customers with a very cheap or even free price, but only for the first 3 months and then the price will revert to the full price. They often tie you in for a longer contract so it’s worth working out the price per year instead of per month. Compare the market uses this idea and the result are easy to understand.

Mobile internet dongles are often sold when you buy a new PC or laptop in larger stores. These are really mobile phones so when you buy one you are singing up to a mobile phone contract. The service is always slow compared to a fixed telephone line broadband service, which most people will have.
Although it may sound attractive to browse the internet ‘on the go’ for most users, this rarely happens. Most pubs and coffee shops offer free internet, so use this when out and about. The service from a mobile dongle will be as patchy as a mobile phone and it rarely works as you want it to.

Here’s a rough guide to broadband and telephone bundles prices:


home telephone internet connection only


£10-£15 per month

line rental


£10-£13 per month

line rental + broadband + calls bundle


£20-£30 per month

mobile internet dongle


£100-£200 per year