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Charitable grants for older people

Financial support for independent living, retirement, emergency support, funds from charitable trusts, alleviating poverty

Throughout the United Kingdom there are a number of local and national trusts and charities that offer bursaries and grants for older people. The funds have been set aside by individuals or corporations to help different groups of people, especially those who are on low incomes or those who are struggling financially. Funds are also available for music programmes, education, travel costs, social care and health programmes.

To find out what is available in your local area, contact your local authority, parish council or local clergy. You can also visit your local library to find out whether it holds copies of publications such as the Charities Digest, the Grants Register, the Directory of Grant Making Trusts and the Educational Grants Directory.

When applying to trusts or charities ask only for an appropriate amount. Find out how much the organization usually offers and do not ask for more. Make sure that you do your research and apply only to the appropriate trust or charity. Many are very specific about what they will and will not fund. For example, some specify age limits, whereas others will provide funds only for people from particular geographical locations.

Most trusts and charities will provide an application form and some of these are now available online. When you fill in this form, tailor your application to suit the charity and make sure that you provide all the details requested. Be honest and realistic: do not be too emotional or try to pull on their heartstrings. Write neatly, be concise and avoid jargon. You should note, however, that funds are limited and competition can be very strong. Don’t get too disheartened if you are unsuccessful, but move on to another trust or charity.
Independent Age has merged recently with two other older people's charities, Counsel and Care and Universal Beneficent Society, to provide a broad range of services for older people. This includes social care (including care at home, in hospital and residential care), welfare benefits, befriending services and other social support.
The National Benevolent Institution helps elderly and retired people with very limited means to live with dignity and in greater comfort through financial assistance and housing accommodation.
Elizabeth Finn Care offers help and financial support to people who find themselves struggling to survive in retirement or who are unable to return to work, due to a long term disability or sickness. The charity also offers support to people who were once self-sufficient, but who, through no fault of their own, find themselves in need of help.
Scholarship Search UK provides information about sources of funding for students, and this includes funds from charities and trusts that may be available for older students.
Concertina makes grants to charitable bodies which provide musical entertainment and related activities for the elderly. The trust is keen to support smaller organizations that might otherwise find it difficult to gain funding.
The Royal British Legion can provide support to serving and ex-Service people and their dependants who are suffering financially. It also helps those who need urgent assistance to get through a temporary crisis, such as homelessness, or providing a loan for property repairs.
Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA) Forces Help provides financial help and support for people who serve in the forces, or who have done so in the past, including older and retired veterans.
WRVS helps older people all over the country to stay independent at home and active in their community. All volunteers have been checked by the Criminal Records Bureau and will provide help in emergencies, practical support at home and social activities for older people.