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Buying cheap food

Cheap food, online deals including cider vinegar, chocolate or sweets, tomato soup, cosmetics, cake mixtures and Rice Krispies

As a financially savvy older person you know how to shop for food bargains in your local shop or supermarket. You probably also know the best days and times to pick up the best bargains. But have you considered shopping for food bargains online?

Today there are a number of online stores that offer cheap food for people looking for bargains. Some of these companies specialize in offering food that is close to or has reached the ‘best before’ date. ‘Best before’ is an indication of quality rather than safety, so people are not at risk from food poisoning when buying this type of food, according to the Food Standards Agency. However, you shouldn't eat eggs after the 'best before' date. This is because eggs can contain salmonella bacteria, which could start to multiply after this date. 'Best before' dates are generally used on foods that last longer, such as frozen, dried or canned foods. It should be safe to eat food after the 'best before' date, but the food will no longer be at its best. After this date, according to the Food Standards Agency, the food might begin to lose its flavour and texture.

The two online retailers listed below buy stock at knocked down prices from wholesalers, suppliers, and supermarkets, and then sell on to people who are looking for bargains. This helps to cut down on the 8.3 million tonnes of food waste that is thrown away every year. For more information and to place an order, visit:

When ordering, remember to think about delivery charges when working out how much of a bargain you are getting. Also, you may find that you can receive better deals if you buy in bulk, but make sure that you can finish what you buy before the ‘use by’ date.

Another method that you can adopt to obtain cheaper food is to use some of the promotional codes and vouchers that are available from a variety of websites (see online bargains for senior citizens).

For more information about all aspect of food safety including shopping safely for food online, visit the Food Standards Agency website: